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The cultural production in Venice: events, producers and places
First Report

Dimension and typology of cultural events in the year 2003

Besides duly updating the agenda of cultural and leisure events and activities, the work carried on by the website Agenda Venezia, produced by the Venice Foundation and run by the company Sistema, has made possible to take a census of the events taking place in Venice, putting the stress on the producers and on the places where the different activities are held.
The aim of the project, to begin with the database of Agenda Venezia , was to develop a report (which should become periodical)
able to measure the productive capacity in cultural terms, and at the same time acting as a mean of development of the cultural role of Venice in the international scene.
The point of view taken by this Report on the cultural production in Venice is that of researching current events and spotting their specific role as regards the city’s economy, structure and fruition.

During the year 2003, in the city council of Venice, 1500 cultural and leisure events have been produced, that is to say an average of 28 events a day (given that many of them last more than one single day); this represents a really significant number, demonstrating the importance of the economy of the event inside the venetian reality.

Number of events for typology - 2003 [1]
Visual Arts15910,6
Film reviews23015,3
Venetian traditions312,1
Religious events40,3
Lectures and meetings45830,5
Fairs and markets60,4

The event typologies which control the venetian scene, gathering more than the 90% of the activities, are five: lectures and meetings (30,5%), music
(21,3%), film reviews (15,3%), theatre (13,0%) and exhibitions (10,6%).

Distribution of events according to typology - 2003

Venezia - Distribuzione degli eventi culturali per tipologia, anno 2003

Cultural events: producers and places

The bodies and individuals producing events and activities in Venice are about 50.
The distribution of the events according to the city council’s territorial allotment shows a sharp supremacy of the historical centre, where the 78,6% of the activities is organized,
followed in the distance by Mestre (the mainland side of Venice) (16,1%), the Lido of Venice (3,6%) and the islands (1,7%).
As to the number of events organized, in Venice prevails the meeting activity
(33,8%), together with musical activity (21,5% of the events organized in the historical centre). In the mainland the various events are divided into theatre events (33,9%), music (21,5%) and film reviews.
In the Lido of Venice it is the cinema-related activities that prevail, while in the islands it is lectures and visual arts exhibitions.
The world of events grows bigger
Besides the permanent cultural and museum structure, which since many years represents for the city also an economic dimension, a field called “events” is taking shape and growing stronger. The field in question is temporary, it is promoted by bodies, institutions and foundations not necessarily involved in the management of permanent structures, and often uses new spaces, not necessarily arranged to receive cultural and leisure events.
As to what regards the bodies who promote events, the three years taken into account have witnessed a strenghtening in the role of cultural promoter played by the different structures of the city council, of universities and of major foundations such as the Biennale, the Fenice and the Cini Foundation. But this far-reaching continuity, visible also through the list of the first ten promoters, must not dim the new galaxy of active participants which, particularly begining from new events and spaces, is gradually gaining ground.
In relation to places, the supremacy of the number of events registered in Venice is countered by the role played, most of all last year, by the Cultural Centre Candiani (situated in Mestre), which is the place where the highest number of initiatives was produced. In the last years, the centres for the realization of events which are consolidating their position are the Theaters, the Cinema Giorgione and the Querini Stampalia Foundation, along with the Ateneo Veneto (institution for the promulgation of science, literature, art and culture in all forms) as seat of the city debate and the Auditorium Santa Margherita.

Places where events take place

Venezia - Mappa dei luoghi dove si svolgono gli eventi

[1Source: data provided by and processed by Sistema

[ Publication date: 31 July 2004 ]

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