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Glass School Abate Zanetti - Murano Venice
History, foundation courses e long term classes

Guardian to centuries old tradition of Murano’glass art, and proud heir to school "Abate Zanetti" opened 1862 for muranese glass masters and from which it takes is name, the scholl intends to promote Murano as a focal point of Glass art in the international scene. The mission is to shed lights to the espressive potential and distintive characteristics of glass art, and to become a well known centre and point of referal devoted to fostering it around the world. The school follows the traditional of one of the most historic institution of glass in Murano, the Drawing School for Murano glassworkers, which was established in 1862. The building, originally in the 1930’s, is now restored to perfection keeping the original character intact. Its tutors and research supervisors have included some of the most important "Maestri" of Murano glasswork. Also, in intervals, other national and international artists are invited to partecipate in teaching and research.
The school open all year round, offers courses finaced by the European Community, courses in collaboration with professional associations and educational istituitions, Italian and International, and workshops on different levels of specific glass techniques.
There are numerous theoretical courses such as drawing design development, glass art history, glass technology. There are also practical courses in glassblowing, lamp working (both bead-making and figure sculpting) decoration of gold leaf and enamelling, engraving, coldworking, stained glass and fusing.
Also, the school, according to its original aims, has become central to the long term fulfilment of the local community policies.

The glass School Abate Zanetti will start a program in foundation studies for people who are already working in glass or are willing to use the glass medium and are based in Murano and Venice. The primary aim of the foundation program is to prepare and give basic information in drawing, design, history of glass art, glass technologies, marketing.

Long term classes will meet twice a week for 3 hours, the courses of 30 hours duration are organized in order to meet the needs both of beginners and experienced students. The cost includes tuition and basic materials. The Glass School has organised all inclusive packages: tuition, room and board.
For information on all inclusive packages: Scuola Abate Zanetti Murano

[ Publication date: 27 October 2005 ]
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Murano's school Glasswork The inside of Murano's school Glassworks

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